Lissabon Flughafen

Mietwagen Lissabon Flughafen


Alameda das Com. Portuguesas, 1700-111 Lisboa



24 Stunden Rückgabe
MO - SO:

06:00 - 24:00


06:00 - 24:00

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  • 3.0 / 1136 Bewertungen

Sergejs V.

Аренда с полной страховкой. Быстрое обслуживание на стойке регистрации. До парковки нужно выйти из здания аэропорта и пройти мимо метро до парковки. Единственно, при приёмке машины обычно подписывается акт с указанием всех повреждений. Здесь просто выдали ключи без осмотра машины вместе с сотрудником. Зато при возвращении осмотр машины был очень и очень тщательным. В общем и целом остался доволен.

Mischa H.

Got a very nice and reliable car from a super nice guy at the counter. Also the return was super and very friendly and efficient.

Jonathan L.

Update: finally got a hold of them and they did their best to help me. The lady spoke to her colleague at one of their station locations and called me back. I got there and the car was ready and things went smooth. Calls can still go better, but I have to admit they helped me out. Thank you!


Lady at the counter was nice and actually warned me to check the car before I leave, which is good, but the airco was not working in very hot weather and I can't reach them at all. I waited 20 min on one call with no answer, then I got through and was hanged up on. Then I could not get a hold of them anymore due to business hours, but they were supposed to be open at 1pm on Saturday. Bad afterservice!!!