Granada Flughafen

Granada Flughafen Autovermietung

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Ctra. Aeropuerto, km 0,5, 18320 Granada


MO - SO:

07:00 - 23:00


07:00 - 23:00

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  • 2.9 / 7 Bewertungen

Edu F.

El día de antes nos llamaron por teléfono para concretar bien la hora y explicarnos cómo llegar bien al sitio. Reservas sencillas y muy amables.

Elle F.

Atencion al cliente inmejorable. Encantados con el trato.

Anja K.

We rented a car here for a week. The Sixt staff tried their usual scaring techniques on us to make us add all sorts of insurances packages to our price, but out of rational judgement, we decided it to be unnecessary and denied all of them (turned out fine).


Then came the usual damage check: You get a list of documented damages and you have to check the car for new damages and have them added to the list. Now the car is parked in a dark parking house (at this office), so unless you have a flashlight, you won't be able to see new scratches, dents etc.


The Sixt employee also falsely said that new damages should be reported to "our colleague in the parking house" who, turned out, doesn't even work for Sixt (because it's a normal parking house used by everyone). So back to the Sixt office to get official staff to document the unreported damages we found on the car.


We found several, but the Sixt employee was reluctant to add a few of those to the damage report, although they were all larger than the reported ones on the list.


After this hassle, we finally drove the car out of the premises. On return, we encountered a different employee who did the damage check with us. This one was more pleasant and basically just went around the car, checked off stuff from the damage list and said "everything fine and okay".