Las Vegas McCarran Flughafen

Mietwagen Las Vegas McCarran Flughafen


7135 Gilespie St, Suite A, 89119-4273 Las Vegas



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07:00 - 24:00

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  • 3.9 / 2905 Bewertungen

Carol T.

Vila at the LV airport counter was super friendly and helpful. She went beyond our expectations in helping us to get a rental car.

Allan G.

Upon arrival at the airport in Las Vegas, the Sixt app notified me I could choose my vehicle. I chose a vehicle in the app. The vehicle I choose said it was in the class I booked and there was no charge for choosing it. When I got to the counter, the staff tried to upsell me on my vehicle choice. I stated I was not interested in paying for a different class. They then tried to tell me the vehicle that I booked would add an additional charge, even though the app stated it was in the class I reserved. I was forced to select a different vehicle. I don't appreciate upselling, but I understand it is a common practice. I'm pretty upset that Sixt offers the app and allows you to choose a vehicle but it is basically pointless because you will still have to deal with upselling and price changes at the counter. This was my fourth rental with Sixt, other than this incident I've really enjoyed all aspects of the company, especially the employees. My two rentals in Orlando specifically were fantastic, but this one will cause me to reconsider the company. I don't like getting ripped off.

MGinny H.

One thing they DONT do, is tell customers about the 500.00 deposit you have to put on your cc for a luxury vehicle.